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Brain Entertainment Studios was founded in 2013, thanks to the passion of five young creatives, from various parts of Italy and with different backgrounds.

Motivated by such things: realize a cartoon that refers to young adults, but more than that tells a story that reinterprets, in an original way, a fantasy story. The result pull together the passion for videogames, fantasy movies, thriller, steampunk, the contemporary literature, the most popular series and the history, the mediaeval mythology and the Christian religion.
Between the protagonists, for example, it is possible to find seven figures, which are similar to the animals which are the symbol of the seven deadly sins, even though their imperfect nature and human ambitions, they are adored as pagan divinities. Names of locations and characters instead, come from specific terms of the Etruscan language and have a specific meaning. In the interweaving is clear since from the beginning that the line between good and evil is very labile, as each character, who has supernatural powers or not, simply tries to achieve its objective with the tools at its disposal. Caletra, in short, is a kind of Pandora’s box, in which lies a myriad of twists. It is a spectator’s task open it…

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