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Natural style Barcelona is one of the best headshops in Barcelona. We have bongs, pipes, smoking papers and all the usual stuff, but we also have alot of knowledge, we have good information about the cannabis industry in Barcelona. We also have a large collection of herbs, extracts and tinctures, but we try to only work with active ingredients, some of our most popular herbs are CBD/Hemp, we are always updating our products and making sure there is always medication available, We also have a wide range of Kratom products including capsules, tincture and extracts x10 and x20. And some of our other customer favourites are Ginseng, Gurana, Maca root, Moringa, Acacia bark (various ones), Hoodia Gordonii, Wild dagga, Kanna, just to name a few. If your not coming Barcelona this is ok, as we are now online and send to most countries.
We have alot of people asking how the cannabis clubs work, well if you come into the store and ask we can point you to where the clubs are in the area.
Other things that we have in store is colourful clothing ideal for chilling around the city, we have lots of Bikinis, shorts, vest and lots more of this sort of style. Every now and then we have handmade products placed in the store, we like helping local artist to get seen, so if you have any work you want the public to see, bring it in store and lets work something out.

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